Enterprises are growing fast by implementing new technologies, migrating to new business models and innovating new channels to serve customers. These changes also bring in new set of security threats.

Security threats have also evolved in terms of frequency, sophistication, and severity. Application and security solutions need to provide real-time dynamic behavioral based intuitive protection capabilities.

Viacove has proven track record in implementing strategies to mitigate risk and avoid costly penalties for non-compliance.

Featured Security Products

The cloud is vulnerable to new and evolving security threats. Are you prepared to secure the cloud for your business? Cloud security technology from our partners helps you securely connect people, applications and devices to the cloud. It provides a framework of foundational cloud security capabilities to help secure all your cloud initiatives. You can:

  • Manage access – Securely connect people, applications and devices to the cloud.
  • Protect data – Defend your applications and infrastructure from attacks.
  • Gain visibility – Monitor cloud usage and utilize advanced security analytics

Application security testing solutions provide preemptive protection for mobile and web-based applications. They secure apps from malicious use today and help you remediate potential attacks in the future. These application security solutions can help your organization:

  • Improve application security program management.
  • Assess software code, web and mobile applications for vulnerabilities.
  • Capitalize on industry leading testing capabilities that integrate with a range of Security solutions.

Network security solutions can help protect your entire network with next-generation network security solutions that intelligently recognise even unknown threats and adapt to prevent them in real time. Our network security solutions help you:

  • Protect your entire network from known and unknown threats
  • Reduce your exposure to advanced malware
  • Rapidly research the latest global security threats
  • Obtain up-to-the-minute data on Internet threats

Our mainframe security solutions can help you protect your enterprise, detect threats, comply with policy and regulations and reduce costs. It also helps protect cloud, mobile and big data applications on a high performance secure platform as well as reduce business risk by enforcing security policy and best practices. This solutions can also help:

  • Provide closed loop, automated security intelligence and threat remediation.
  • Simplify provisioning, governance and authorization of users, groups and resources.
  • Integrate with distributed security solutions and applications.

Security intelligence solution can help you detect and prioritize the threats that pose the greatest risk to your business and require immediate attention. This intelligent approach to security helps you find threats faster and identify vulnerabilities.
Security intelligence and analytics solutions can help you:

  • Analyze log, flow, vulnerability, user and asset data through a single, integrated solution architecture.
  • Identify high-risk threats with near real-time correlation.
  • Detect vulnerabilities, manage risks and identify high-priority incidents.

With the recent increase in cyber attacks organizations need to assess vulnerabilities, accelerate risk prioritization and respond to the threat within minutes across all endpoints – on and off the corporate network. We provide comprehensive endpoint security solutions to detect and stop advanced threats before damage is caused. Our endpoint security solutions help you:

  • Monitor and secure every endpoint – on and off the corporate network.
  • Deliver real-time situational awareness and incident response.
  • Gain advanced protection against malware.